Learn About Goals and Priorities

In Module 1 in MyNickelsburg, Goals and Priorities, explores needs versus wants, as well as planning short-term and long-term goals. Students will be taught the following terms: budget, goal, long-term, need, priorities, short-term, and want.

Starting with the tour of MyNickelsburg, there are seven activities with this module. In Term Mastery, learn and review terms at the Community Center and begin making money. Then, help Ty learn what to do with his money and understand the difference between wants and needs. Meet Lexi who is trying to determine how long she has to wait for her short-term and long-term goals. She really wants a certain pair of shoes, but has to be patient while she earns money.

After helping Lexi with her goals, develop and enter your own long-term and short-term goals. These answers are available to print and are also saved in the Teacher Panel. Soo Lee then joins you at the park and asks for help picking gifts based on her brother’s priorities and past spending.

At the end of Module 1, Nicole asks you to dog-sit for her while she is out of town. Earn some extra money by taking good care of Taka in this end of Module 1 game!

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