Learn About Budgeting

In Module 2 in MyNickelsburg, Budgeting, learn the importance of personal spending and budgets. Students will be taught the following terms: budget, cost, expense, impulse, income, purchase, save, and spend.

There are three activities in Module 2. In Term Mastery, return to the Community Center to learn and review terms used in this module and continue making money. In Is a Free Puppy Really Free? You find out that Nicole’s dog has had puppies and she would like to let you have one for free! Explore the costs of having a pet. Visit a pet store and select needed supplies while staying within a budget. Throughout this activity, watch the puppy grow and see how the costs of a “free” puppy quickly add up.

After figuring the costs of owning a puppy, take a job in town. There was an event around town, and the streets have become littered with trash. Using a bike to drive around town, help to recycle the trash to earn some extra money in this fun end of Module 2 Recycle Drive game!

  • finance money game screenshot 2

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