Learn About Banking and Transactions

Module 5 is loaded with information to learn regarding banking. Students will be taught the following terms: bank, check, deposit, deposit slip, endorsement, receipt, savings account, signature, statement, teller, withdrawal, and transaction.

There are four activities in Module 5. In Budget Building, receive help from Mayor Dinero’s mother, Granny D. Practice creating a budget for the money earned and won while in MyNickelsburg and develop a self-created spending plan for participation in the culmination activity, the Nickelsburg Community Celebration.

Next, while learning about Transactions, be taken through the steps of depositing, donating, money to a charity or cause, and withdrawing money for the Nickelsburg Community Celebration. After returning home, you will receive your first bank statement, in Bank Statement Review. Walk through how to read one and gain a better understanding of how they are used.

Finally, in Nickelsburg Community Celebration, a community celebration is underway at the Nickelsburg Park. Many of the people met through the town are there to help celebrate all the hard work done in Nickelsburg.